Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Ain't Dead Yet

reckoned by Johnny Rawhide at 3:21 PM

There's years of sweat and blood soaked into the ground here at the Stinkhorn Ranch, and no sir and no ma'am, we ain't givin' in fer nuthin'.

Patchin' thangs back together after a rather bone-dry tour of the Rodeo is a peice of work, and that's whar everyone has been bent double taskin'.

And fer some reason, a whole mess of laptop batteries blowed up on us.

Thangs will get to percolatin' again mighty soon.

Ya'll come back, cause once a few more chores is settled out, thar's plenty I and the others here got left to speak on here on the blog.

Ya'll just rest up a spell, and we'll get to full bore in a bit.


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Johnny Rawhide is a Stinkhorn Rodeo
Ranch Boss and designated Sharp-shooter.